Wearing correct material

UVP Rated Clothing

The sun emits different types of radiation. This is mainly visible (light) and infrared (heat). Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is also emitted but it cannot be seen or felt. It can cause sunburn and other skin damage (including skin cancers). Covering our skin with clothing or shade reduces accumulation of exposure. A fabric with an Ultraviolet Protection (UVP) factor of 20 will allow 1/20 (5%) of UVR to pass through, or in other words, block 95% of the UVR. Tightly woven and heavier weight fabrics are more effective. Darker colours usually block more UVR. UV protection is reduced if a garment is overstretched, wet, or worn out. Loose fitting clothing is usually more protective than tight fitting clothing.

A UVP rating of 40 is described as giving excellent protection and will block 97.5% of UVR. The Australian/New Zealand Standard for Sun Protective Clothing states that the highest UVP rating for garments is 50. Those with higher rating are labelled 50+.