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Our Practice

At Chatswood Skin Cancer Physicians, we know that informed decisions are the best decisions. That's why our doctors strive to provide you with the most thorough information possible through the treatment process. Established in 1992, we are the largest and most-established Skin Cancer Clinic in Australia with a patient base exceeding 300,000.

We provide detailed skin examination, with emphasis on prevention, early detection and minimally invasive treatment for optimum cure rates. And if necessary, we are also able to provide a comprehensive range of surgical services.

Leaders in computer diagnosis, we use both the SolarScan and MoleMax systems.

We take pride in our team of doctors who are renowned for their strong ethical and professional approach to individual patient care. They diagnose skin cancer at the earliest stage to optimise therapeutic intervention, and avoid unnecessary surgery. Some of our doctors consult at both Chatswood Skin Cancer Physicians and the Sydney Melanoma Unit, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and assist in clinical research trials.